BIM Job Circular 2023

BIM Job Circular 2023

BIM Job Circular 2023 has been found on my website. Today’s ‘Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)’ was established in 1961 as ‘Management Development Centre, East Pakistan’. Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) was established through a project called “East Pakistan Management Development, Supervisory and Instructor Training Centre”.

BIM Job Circular 2023

Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM), Management of matters relating to human resources recruitment, development, assignment, and control for the conduct of BIM business. Top management of Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) in fulfillment of the mandate set down in the Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) Act and other applicable Laws, Regulations, and Policies of the Government. BIM Job Circular 2023.

BIM Job Details 2023

BIM Job Summary

Job Title: See Job Advertisement

Job Description: This job position experiences, talented in the Collection and analysis of the financial proposal from the authority for further review and selection purposes.

Published Date:  January 04, 2023

Online Application Start: January 04, 2023

Application Deadline:  January 26, 2023

Job Nature: Full-time

Job Type: Government (BIM)

Employment Type: Permanent

Education Qualification: See Job Advertisement

Job Experience: See Job Advertisement

Gender: Both (Male & Female)

Compensation and Benefit: As per policy of the Government Pay-scale 2015

How to Apply:  Apply with full Resume to Director, Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM), 4 Sobhanbag, Mirpur Road, Dhaka-1207

Job Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Age Limit: 30 years and 32 Child of Freedom Fighter

BIM Job Notice 2023

BIM Job News 2023

The project was taken up in 1960 through a tripartite agreement signed by the then Government of Pakistan, the United Nations, and the ILO. The project was launched on 1 January 1961 under the administrative control of the Department of Labor and Social Welfare under the then Union Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare of Pakistan. Later in December 1963, the project was handed over to the then-East Pakistan Provincial Government.

From 1st July 1970 under the “East Pakistan Government Educational and Training Institutions Ordinance, 1961 (East Pakistan Ordinance No. XXVI of 1961)” “Management Development Center” was granted the status of an autonomous institution.

Besides imparting short-term, subject-oriented training, a 1-year post-graduate diploma titled ‘Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management’ was introduced in 1966.

BIM Job Update 2023

Immediately after independence in 1971, the institute was given the important task of developing the human resources of the newly independent country. From 1972-1975 the public sector was the main driving force of the economy, most of the Institute’s clients were drawn from public sector enterprises. Meanwhile, the institute provided training to members of the then Industrial Management Service (IMS). BIM Job Circular 2023.

From around 1975 onwards, with the increasing changes in development thinking and economic liberalization, the functions of BIM began to change. A mix of public and private sectors has been introduced with the client base shifting away from the predominantly public sector. During the late ’70s to mid-80s, the Institute underwent a significant transformation with the help of the Technical Assistance Project. It is transformed into a center for conducting training with participants from the public, private and NGO sectors. 1-year Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management was introduced in 1981. Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) official website

BIM Job Gideline 2023

In the early nineties, the then Bangladesh Management Development Center (BMDC) faced a strategic decision-making situation. Due to the proliferation of training institutes in both the public and NGO sectors and a limited client base, BMDC faces stiff competition in terms of short and specific thematic training programs. The number of training courses and the number, of course, participants were continuously decreasing. In that background, BMDC took a strategic decision to launch 1-year post-graduate diploma course, and in this continuity 3 postgraduate diplomas namely Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management, and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science was launched. These 3 diploma programs quickly gained popularity. Enthusiasm and enthusiasm especially in ‘Computer Science’ were promising. Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) official website

BIM Job Circular 2023

In the early 1990s, the need for skilled human resources was anticipated due to an open market economy, infrastructural changes, and a rapidly developing private sector. Against that backdrop, the process of restructuring the Bangladesh Management Development Center (BMDC) was initiated. In that light, Bangladesh Management Development Center (BMDC) was transformed into an institute. As a result, there are opportunities to offer post-graduate degree programs in business administration such as an executive MBA, a post-graduate degree in human resource management, etc. Although training, research, and consulting are the three core activities of BIM; In the last decade most of the emphasis has been on training and postgraduate diploma programmers.

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