BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan (Apon Ghar) is different from other banks. BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan is easy to get from this bank. BRAC Bank Limited’s home loan to this service is very good so in this purpose. Then I can suggest the Home Loan (Apon Ghar) of BRAC Bank Limited is an attractive loan in Bangladesh.

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank Limited Apon Ghar Home Loan provides your personal bank representative for information search till moving into the home. BRAC Bank Limited also finances for the purpose of under-construction / semi-completed / completed/secondhand Apartment of any house. BRAC Bank Limited provides 24 hours banking facilities. BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan.

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

The home loan product is the most convenient and practical Loan that suits your all home financing needs. This home alone is for apartment purchase, home construction, extension, or renovation. Home Lone is from any Bank of Bangladesh and is here with the ultimate solution for you.

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

With so many attractive features in it, the home you wanted to buy to extend the existing one or renovate the same is no longer a distant dream. Your personal bank provides a representative for information search till moving into helps find a home suitable for your taste, budget, and area.

Product Type and purpose

BRAC Bank Home Loan for the purpose

  • Flat/Apartment Purchase
  • House construction / Extension / Renovation / Up-gradation/ Face uplifting / finishing work
  • The takeover of an existing home loan from any bank / financial institution
  • Interior
  • Furniture & Soft Furnishing
  • Home Appliance
  • Color & Window Treatment
  • Light & Floor

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

Customer Segment & Eligibility

Salaried Individuals

  • Total Job Experience is a minimum of 3 years & must be permanent in the current job
  • The minimum income is BDT 25,000/-

Businessmen / Self-Employed Individuals / Landlords:

  • Owner / Director of Proprietorship / Partnership / Private Limited Company
  • Total Business Experience is a minimum of 3 years
  • The minimum income is BDT 30,000

Product Features

The owner of the property must be the main borrower

Mortgaged property must be located within the metropolitan area of Dhaka, Greater Dhaka where the RAJUK Plan is available, Chittagong & Sylhet

Applicants must be a permanent residents of Bangladesh

Minimum age 25 years & maximum age 65 years at the time of maturity

Competitive Interest Rate

The maximum loan tenor is 25 years

Processing Fees & Other Charges:

Loan up to BDT 15 Lac is @ 2% on loan amount + VAT

Loan above BDT 15 Lac is @ 1.5% on loan amount + VAT

For Take Over cum Home Credit loan 1% on loan amount + VAT

In the case of a Takeover, the processing fee is 0.50% of the loan amount +VAT

Valuation charge @ 3500 + VAT in addition to the processing fee

Security replacement Fee – BDT 10,000 + VAT

Quotation change Fee – BDT 1,000 + VAT

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

Early Settlement & Rescheduling Fees

Early settlement Fee

2% of outstanding if settled within first 2 years + VAT

From 3rd to 4th year 1.5%+VAT on outstanding

From 5th year 1%+VAT on outstanding

Rescheduling fee due to Interest Rate change / Tenor change – 0.25% + VAT of outstanding or maximum Tk 10,000 + VAT whichever is lower. BRAC Bank Official Website

Date rescheduling fee Tk 2000+VAT each time.

Partial pre-payment & fees

Minimum partial pre-payment amount is BDT 1,00,000

2%+VAT on pre-payment amount within first 5 years

1%+VAT on pre-payment amount after 4 years

1.5% + VAT on pre-payment amount between 3rd to 4th year

Common Documents

Latest 01year personal bank statement

Latest Tax Clearance Certificate (where applicable)

Photocopy of National ID Card / Passport

Allotment Letter/ Allotment Agreement/ Byna Deed for Home Loan

Registered ownership deed for Home Credit / Take Over Loan

Price quotation for Home Credit Loan

Salaried Individuals

Letter of Introduction (LOI)

Latest 01year salary account statement

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan


Trade License for last 3 years

Latest 1 year bank statement of the company

Registered partnership deed for partnership company

MOA+ Certificate of Incorporation+ Latest Schedule X for Private Limited Company


Certificate of membership of respective professional association

Declaration on self-pad along with seal

Certificate of Professional degree

Land Lord

Registered ownership deed

Rental deed

Copy of any utility bill (Electricity/ Water/Gas)

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan

BRAC Bank is one of the fastest growing and modern banks of Bangladesh. BRAC Bank Limited is playing a vital role as financial intermediaries linking economic policies of the government with the rest of the economy. BRAC Bank Limited Home Loan.

BRAC Bank Limited began with the vision to provide banking solutions to the ‘unbanked’ Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. Taking inspiration from its parent organization BRAC, the largest NGO in the world, BRAC Bank introduced small-ticket loans to the small and medium enterprises (SME), to specifically bring the grassroots entrepreneurs under the umbrella of formal banking service. Approximately half of BRAC Bank’s lending portfolio comprises of small and medium enterprises – popularly known as the ‘SME’. BRAC Bank Official Website

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