Do’s and Dont’s of Makeup

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The Makeup Do’s and Don’ts that will make your Day

Makeup is every woman’s weakness. From buying to experimenting with it, every lady just wants toapply makeup in the best possible manner to look flawless. There are multiple categories of makeup that you can apply on your face, eyes, cheeks, brows, lips and many more.

Kaymu is your makeup online shop. We have the largest range of products right here that you would love to use. Along with that, we want to make you look beautiful so here are many ways on how to apply it properly. The best makeup tips will step up your game and make you look amazing.

They Makeup Do’s to make you look beautiful

  1. Match your foundation to your skin tone:

When it comes to face makeup, this a commonly faced issue. Many ladies wear their foundation shade one tone darker or one tone lighter. The best way to check is to apply it from your cheek down to your jaw to see if it matches the shade of your neck and face.

  1. Pick up on all the professional makeup brushes:

You may not know this but when it comes to makeup tips, this is one of the most important ones. A professional makeup brush can do wonders for your overall look. Not only will it blend everything, it will make it look effortless. There are a number of brushes for foundations, blush, bronzers and eye makeup.


  1. Keep the intensity of blush in check:

Your blush is the key to make you looking fresh and rosy. The key here is to match it to your skin tone. Lighter skin tones go for pale pinks and peaches and darker skin tones go for berry and plum shades.

  1. You can use more than one eyeshade:

Everyone has some confusions about eye makeup. This occurs when you mix up two very different colors with each other. The trick here is to keep matching shades on your eye lids and never use more than three. In many bridal makeup looks, the beauty is reached when the proper merging is there. Kaymu has the largest eye makeup products online.

  1. Compliment your makeup shades with one another:

This is slightly difficult to do but once you achieve this how to makeup tip, you will be set. For instance, if you wear a pale pink lipstick then wear a rose shade blush. Or if you are going for a dark smoky eye, then for a vamp maroon style lip shade to compliment it all.


  1. Apply the eyeliner near your eyelid to make your eyes stand out:

Putting on your eyeliner is a very difficult job. It takes months to master this art and to make that liner flow smoothly. The best way to make your eyes pop out is to apply the liner close to your eye lid next to your lashes. This will compliment your mascara as well.

The Makeup Don’ts that can create a Disaster

  1. Wearing makeup to sleep is a big NO:

This is one of the most important makeup mistakes to avoid. Many women wear their full makeup and go to sleep because they may be too tired or lazy. The issue that occurs here is that your skin is not able to breathe as your pores are clogged. This can cause serious acne and tired skin.

  1. Don’t stripe on your blush:

The beauty of a blush is when it completely covers your cheekbones and looks absolutely natural. One thing that many women do is they put a clear long stripe across their cheeks and do not merge it. Use a proper blush brush to mix it up with the look.


  1. Stay away from overdoing your eyebrows:

Filling in your eyebrows is all in vogue right now. From stencils to eyebrow shapers, there are new techniques coming in every day. The common mistakes made here are pencil thin eyebrows, very thick bushy eyebrows and three shades darker than your normal eyebrows. These can distort your features or make you look older.

  1. Do not buy a very light tone concealer:

Yes the name of the product is concealer, but it does not need to be very light as compared to your skin tone. The lighter it is, the more unnatural it will look. The best thing to do here is to get a flesh-tone product that will conceal those dark circles.

  1. Disposable Makeup Sponges are the worst:

Many one-time use makeup sponges absorb all the product and you will be left with nothing on your face. Use ones that are reusable and made of good quality material.


  1. Stay away from too much glitter:

Using a little amount of glitter on your lids and face for a formal look will look great. If you put too much of it on, your face will shine a lot and hide the rest of the makeup there is.

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