Engineering University Top 10 Bangladesh

Top 10 Engineering University of Bangladesh

Bangladesh can’t grow and move forward unless more people learn about engineering. Bangladesh is a developing country that needs a lot of skilled engineers in areas like building, technology, industry, and communication. The government has done much over the years to improve engineering education. It has opened several well-known universities with full engineering programs, for example.

Bangladesh has many options if you want to study engineering at a high level. This article gives an overview of the top 10 engineering universities in Bangladesh. These colleges have a great reputation because they offer high-quality education, modern facilities, teachers with a lot of experience, and a lot of help finding jobs. Whether you want a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in engineering, these universities have different options that fit your goals and interests.

Engineering University Top 10 Bangladesh
Engineering University Top 10 Bangladesh

Here is a list of the top 10 engineering universities in Bangladesh

Top 10 Engineering Universities of Bangladesh


BUET Building
BUET Building

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is one of Bangladesh’s oldest and most respected state universities. BUET has been a good place to learn about engineering and science for a long time. At first, it was called the East Pakistan University of Engineering and Technology. It all began in 1876 as the Dhaka Survey university. In 1962, it became its university. In 1971, when Bangladesh got its freedom, it was called BUET. It is on a small 83.9-acre plot in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

BUET is an engineering university in Bangladesh and around the world. It has 18 departments, including design and planning, civil engineering, engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and mechanical engineering. It has six institutes where 10,000 college and graduate students and 600 teachers can study and learn at a high level. EduRank said it was the second-best university in Bangladesh and the 1459th-best university worldwide.

BUET has been on the cutting edge of engineering and science for a long time. It has helped build the country by working with well-known universities and companies and providing expert services to infrastructure development projects. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and has libraries, labs, workshops, sports, and cultural events for its students and researchers.


Duet Campus
Duet Campus

Bangladesh’s public Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) offers engineering and technology. It began as an engineering university at the University of Dhaka in 1980. In 2003, it became a university on its own. National and international lists rank DUET as one of the country’s best engineering universities. DUET has always been named one of Bangladesh’s best engineering universities. It is known for its strong academics, research contributions, and new programs.

DUET gives bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and technology in civil, electrical, mechanical, computer, textile, industrial, and production engineering, among others. It also has classes for people who have finished high university and want to get a diploma in engineering. DUET has a good reputation because it does well in university and studies a lot.

Modern labs, workshops, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, hostels, sports facilities, and other attractions can be found on DUET’s grounds, which is also well-equipped. It also has several study centers and universities doing cutting-edge research in renewable energy, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and environmental engineering. DUET does research and development projects with some businesses and groups in the United States and other countries.


Cuet Campus Map
Cuet Campus Map

The Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is a well-known public engineering university. Since it was founded in 1968, CUET has had a long history of giving students in engineering and technology a chance to get a good education and study.

Many awards have been given to CUET for its high-quality teaching and learning. Both Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings put it in the top 10 universities in Bangladesh. CUET has also been hailed for its unique degrees, such as the Bachelor of Architecture, the Master of Engineering Management, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering. The Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, the University of Cambridge, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are some universities that work closely with CUET.

On the CUET site, there is a library, a computer center, a central workshop, a medical center with trained doctors and nurses, a sports center with a gym, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a cricket ground, and a medical center with trained doctors and nurses. It also has a library with more than 50,000 books and magazines, a study center with high-speed Internet access, and several study centers and labs. These buildings have up-to-date tools and materials to help the community build a culture of learning and new ideas.



Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), open to the public, is one of the best engineering universities in Bangladesh. It started as Khulna Engineering College in 1967, but in 2003 it changed into a university. KUET has classes for both undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, architecture, urban and regional planning, computer science and engineering, and other fields.

KUET is known all over the country and the world for its high-quality education, innovative research, and good social impact. It is in the top 10 universities in Bangladesh according to the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. KUET has also won the prestigious IEEE Educational Activities Board Award for its excellent service to engineering education.

KUET has a modern campus with buildings and tools for teaching, learning, and research that are cutting edge. It has labs, workshops, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, sports centers, and sitting rooms that are all well-equipped. The study culture at KUET is strong, and the university works closely with businesses, universities, and the government. More than 10,000 people have finished KUET. Many of them have helped the country and the world grow.

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Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) is one of the best engineering universities in Bangladesh that is open to the public. It was set up in 1964 as a branch of the University of Rajshahi’s engineering university. In 1986, it became a university, and the name Rajshahi Engineering College was given to it. In 2003, it became a university and was called RUET.

RUET offers undergraduate and graduate programs in many areas of engineering and technology, such as civil, electrical, mechanical, computer, industrial and production, mechatronics, glass and pottery, urban and regional planning, etc. It also gives PhDs and MPhils in some areas. RUET is known all over the country and the world for its high academic standards, study, creativity, and ability to work with others.

The RUET campus is big and has modern tools for teaching, learning, study, and extracurricular activities. It has labs, shops, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, sports areas, dorms, medical centers, cafeterias, and other places to visit that are all well-equipped. RUET also has a strong research culture and works with many national and international organizations, businesses, and universities on research projects, counseling services, and academic exchange programs.



One of the best public colleges in Bangladesh is Shahjalal University of Engineering and Technology (SUST). It opened in 1986 as the first engineering university in the country’s northeastern part. According to several national and international lists, SUST is one of the top 10 universities in Bangladesh.

SUST offers studies in engineering, science, building, planning, and the social sciences for both undergraduate and graduate students. The university has a good reputation because of how well it teaches, does study, and comes up with new ideas. Many well-known people went to SUST and helped the country and the world grow.

SUST has a modern site with the best possible buildings and services. Good labs, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, sports areas, and living rooms can be found at the university. SUST also has a lot of social, artistic, and extracurricular events. SUST wants to make a place where people can learn, study, and develop new ideas.


IUT Campus
IUT Campus

Bangladesh’s Islamic University of Technology (IUT) is a well-known university. The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) made it in 1981 as a subsidiary group to help science and technology in the member states. IUT has engineering, computer science, business, and technical education classes for undergrads and graduates.

IUT has done a great job with its academics and bringing new ideas to study. Several groups from Bangladesh and other countries have said it is one of the best universities in the OIC area. IUT has also won several awards and has been praised for how well it teaches, learns, and studies. IUT works closely with other OIC organizations and foreign partners from all over the world.

IUT is a new university with some of the best tools and facilities in the world. Labs, libraries, classes, auditoriums, a sports center, and well-equipped hostels exist. IUT also has a study center where research on the top edge of science and technology is done in many fields. IUT hopes to turn out skilled and moral graduates who can help the Muslim Ummah and the rest of the world grow socially and economically.


AUST Campus
AUST Campus

Ahsanullah University of Technology is a private engineering university in the city of Dhaka in the country of Bangladesh. Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah, a well-known educator and social reformer, started the Dhaka Ahsania Mission, a non-profit group, in 1995. The university is called after him as a way to honor him.

Engineering, science, design, and business are all taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Several groups in Bangladesh and other countries have said it is one of the best private universities. The university is okay with the Bangladesh Accreditation Council (BAC) and the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).

The university has a modern campus with state-of-the-art buildings and tools. It has well-equipped rooms, shops, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, and sports fields. The university is also a great place to study; it works with many groups and institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. The university aims to make engineers and scientists who are smart, honest, and able to help the country’s economy and the world grow.


MIST Building
MIST Building

Bangladesh’s well-known college is the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST). It was set up by the Bangladesh Armed Forces in 1998 so that students could get a good education in science, engineering, technology, and management. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, MIST is one of the best colleges in Bangladesh.

MIST offers undergraduate and graduate studies in civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, naval and marine engineering, biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, architecture, and more. MIST also offers professional classes and short-term training to military and private people. MIST has won many awards for its strong academics and innovative ideas. It won the world championship in medical robots and the university rover challenge, among other things.

MIST has a modern campus with facilities and tools for teaching, learning, and study that are on the cutting edge. It has labs, workshops, libraries, IT centers, auditoriums, sports fields, dorms, and medical centers that are all well-equipped. It also has a Center for Advanced Technologies and Systems (CATS) that helps with consulting and research. MIST also works with well-known research centers and universities to improve its teaching and research ability.


The Bangladesh Army started the private Bangladesh Army International University of Engineering and Technology (BAIUST) in 2015. The university is in Comilla Cantonment and has engineering, science, business, and art classes for undergraduate and graduate students.

BAIUST’s studies have received a lot of attention and praise quickly. According to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, the university is one of Bangladesh’s top 10 private universities. The BAIUST for Engineering and Technical Education (BAETE) engineering programs have also been accepted by the Board of Accreditation. BAIUST helps students who are both smart and poor with grants and money.

BAIUST has up-to-date tools and infrastructure that help students learn and study well. The university has labs, libraries, computer centers, auditoriums, sports fields, and dorms that are all well-equipped. BAIUST also has a strong culture of study and works with institutions and organizations inside and outside of China. BAIUST is looking for smart, honest grads who can help the country and world grow.


We’ve listed the top 10 engineering universities in Bangladesh at the top. These universities were chosen based on their academic standing, research output, facilities, and networks of former students. If you want to become an engineer, consider going to one or more universities. They have civil, mechanical, electrical, computer, chemical, textile, industrial, environmental, and computer engineering degrees. You will also have the chance to learn from experienced teachers, work on cutting-edge projects, and talk to students from different places.

But it’s hard to choose the right place to study engineering. You must consider many things, like your grades, skills, hobbies, finances, where to live, and what you want to do. You should also look into each university’s admission standards, programs, fees, scholarships, facilities, and chances of getting a job there. Visit their official websites, read their brochures and prospectuses, or call their admissions offices to learn more.

Engineering is a hard but rewarding job that can help improve the world. By learning engineering in Bangladesh, you can get skills and knowledge in high demand in the country and worldwide. You can also help grow and improve your country and the rest of the world. But to be the best engineer you can be, you must go to the best college for your needs and goals. We hope this article has given you enough information to decide where to go to university for engineering in Bangladesh.

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