Transfer your memories from your iPhone to your PC with IOTransfer

On the web, there are millions of YouTube tutorials, “step by step” articles and alternatives to cover the issue of data or file transference from iPhone to PC. But these resources end up recommending software, applications or online programs that are not efficient enough if you still believing there’s no efficient tool to make this kind of exchange visit to prove you wrong!

This wonderful tool was created to give a solution to the very demanding users of iOS, who are not satisfied with just being able to transfer musician but want to go beyond. Precisely that is the work of IOTransfer, bringing the storage of content to another level never seen. Today we have a tune about Computer Tips and Tricks.


Surely you will think that this iPhone transfer software is so difficult to install as to use and that it does not differ in anything from the other programs, but you are wrong again! and in this article, you will discover why.

Firstly, since the installation and this software offers amazing benefits, it is very easy to download, you can do it from your official website with just a click. This resource is available in two versions, the paid version, and the free version. Both can be found on the same website. If you choose the free version you do not have to worry about uploading any payment data when you start the download, and starting will take only a few minutes.

It is very simple, you just have to let the installer run, confirm the installation and finally click on accept or execute the installation. This same process will follow if you choose the option IOTransfer Pro, but this time you must choose whether to pay an annual fee or a special lifetime license launched on midyear sale. Payments are totally secure since this software has the Go Daddy Verification, which means that the domain is certified and secure, they have a 60-day money back policy if the software does not work and you will also have technical support via email during the 24 hours of the day.

Iotransfer Pro

Another general advantage is that it supports all versions and iOS, from 8 onwards and can be downloaded even on a computer using an operating system like Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you no longer need to have a supercomputer to use an iPhone Manager.

Backing up your iPhone or iPad was never so simple

Many times your iPhone goes crazy when you are backing up, but this software allows this backup to be done in a more stable, organized, fast and accurate way.

The differentiating effect of this iPhone Manager is that it tries to make even a visual copy of what you see on your phone, without any differences, so that when it comes to locating your files do not feel lost or spend minutes looking for one Photography. Much other software ends up even renaming your photos, your videos or your files once they are synchronized.

The best way to safeguard the unforgettable moments that you lived in the company of the people you love the most is definitely IOTransfer.

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