Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

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Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh. This division has the best climate in the country – temperature and cools with clean, crisp air in winter. It’s moderately warm in summer but has annual rainfalls of 500 mm, the highest in the country. Tea Estates in Sylhet:  There are so many tea estates that it’s not easy to determine the best for visiting. Some are more receptive to visitors than others.

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

One of the most frequently visited estates is Madadpore Tea Gardens. It has a lake on the premises that hasn’t been treated with the respect that its scenic potential deserves but is pleasant nonetheless. The turn-off for the gardens is about 1.75 km beyond the Tea Resort compound.

The sprawling Finlays estate is reportedly not so hospitable. Politely pleading ignorance and leaving should be enough to deal with estate managers. Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh.

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

Sadly, tea estate managers are not overly interested in providing accommodation for travelers, though one suspects that the first to do so won’t be the last. However, all estates have guesthouse facilities for friends, family, and visiting VIPs; given Bangladeshi hospitality, you may be lucky enough to be considered within one, if not all, categories. So the Holidays best tour in Sylhet is very life enjoy.

Madhabkunda Waterfall: A three-hour drive southeast of Sylhet (and equally accessible from Srimangal by road and rail), and a 3 km rickshaw ride from Dakshinbagh train station, is the famous Waterfall of Madhabkunda. It is popular with busloads of Bangladeshi tourists and their truckloads of litter. You may also be able to find some elephants, which are still being used to haul massive logs, in this general area. There’s a Parjatan tourist spot nearby, with a restaurant, picnic area, and toilet facilities.

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

Hason Raja: Hason Raja literally Hason the king, was a mystical poet and songwriter in Bengal, now Bangladesh. Born at the end of the 19th century 1854 to a traditional Zamindar or landowner family near Sunamganj, Sylhet, though his ancestral home is in Rampasha, Biswanath, Sylhet. Hason indulged himself in material pursuits in his youth. Later, he came to believe loved worldly pleasures are meaningless and wrote songs that have been described as some of the most thoughtful songs, touching the deepest emotions of the human mind.

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

Hason Raja’s songs are in the folk tradition of Bengal that seeks the ultimate truth beyond the material world. They include themes such as “Lokey bole” published in his book of songs, Hason Udas. In recent times, they have been modernized and are very popular in both Bangladesh and West Bengal. Many books have been published so far on the great mystic poet Hason Raja.

Hason Raja died in 1922, years before his contribution to the poetry of Bengal was mentioned in lectures at Oxford University by Nobel poet laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

How to Get Sylhet Holiday Tour: Three types of options for getting the Sylhet Holiday Tour

By Air

By Rail

By Road

Tea Resort:

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

2/3-person Bungalow: At the time of research, this pleasant oasis, 3 km from Srimangal was in the throes of being handed over to the Bangladesh Tea Board from the Department for International Development. All rooms have hot water and AC. There is also a swimming pool and Tennis and Badminton courts. Bills must be paid in taka. You must book a week or two in advance; faxing the estate manager is probably the most efficient way to do so. Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh.

BTRI Guesthouse:

It is possible to stay at the BTRI as long as it isn’t full. Meals are available. The guesthouse is charming, with a veranda to relax on in the evenings. Again, it’s a good idea to book in advance. It is also possible, but rare, to stay at the Bangladesh Forest Industrial Development Corporation, 4 km from the town.

Holiday Resort in Sylhet Tour: The Main Tourist attraction of hi-fi resort centers, the Sylhet tour has many resort centers available. Now I introduce a Three star          (***) Motel

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

Name of Holiday Resort:  ZASTAT Holiday Resort

This place is situated within 9 km of the Osmani International Airport of Sylhet. Bangladesh.

The Resort consists of more than 15 acres of green hills and hilltops, 27 rooms a state-of-the-art motel featuring modern interior design and architecture, an outdoor park, including a children’s amusement park, a collection of the country’s rate birds, a world-class health center with well-equipped fitness center, jogging track, modern swimming pool. The city offices are an excellent conference center with all the amenities where one can mix business with pleasure. The Motel rooms have exclusive desks, broadband internet access, satellite Television, tea, and coffee-making facilities, etc. The restaurant caters to an array of local, Asian, and International cuisines with an emphasis on fresh, healthy, and creative flavors. The STAT Resort has been designed to meet the specific needs of discerning Travelers.

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

Holiday Best Tour in Bangladesh

  • Room and Suites
  • Features and Facilities
  • Complimentary Services
  • Restaurant
  • Banquet and Conference Hall
  • Safety and Security
  • Health Club
  • Swimming Pool and Lake
  • Economic Motel
  • Mini Zoo
  • Amusement Park
  • Picnic Spots
  • Sports Complex and Conference

Contract: ZASTAT Holiday Resort, Zakaria City, Sylhet-3103, Bangladesh.

Tel: 0821-2870760, 2870040, Fax: 880-821-2870161

Cell: 01713300072, 01712639555


The Surma River passes through the city of Sylhet and eventually joins the mighty Meghna further north. The valley is dotted with broad shallow nature depressions known as haors, which are sanctuaries for migratory birds from places as far away as Siberia.

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