HRM Bangladesh

HRM Bangladesh Part-1

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HRM Bangladesh every organization is comprised of people Acquiring their services and developing their skills. HRM in Bangladesh motivates them to high levels of performance. HRM in Bangladesh ensures that they maintain their commitment to the organization, which is essential to achieving organizational objectives.

HRM Bangladesh

HRM in Bangladesh What is HRM: “Human Resources management is the part of management function which is concerned with people at work and with their relationship within an enterprise” – Institute of Personnel & Development (formerly Institute of Personnel Management), U.K

HRM Bangladesh

HRM is the part of the organization that is concerned with the ‘people’ dimension. HRM deals with the human relations of an organization starting from recruitment to management. It is a process of acquisition, development, motivation, and maintenance of human resources of an organization. HRM Bangladesh.

Human Resources management is a part of General Management that deals with the human aspect.

Many authors define it in a different manners. Some of them are quoted below:

“HRM is that part of management process which is concerned with a human constituent of an organization”- E.F. L. Brech.

HRM Bangladesh

Human Resources management refers to the administration of a firm’s human resources”-D. j. Cherrington

“The field of Human Resources Management involves Planning, Organization, Directing and Controlling function of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labor force”-M.J. Judicious

“Human Resources management is the provision of leadership and direction of people in their working or employment relationship”- Dale Yoder

HRM Bangladesh

“Human Resources management is the effective use of Human Resources in an organization through the management of people-related activities” – Mathis and Jackson

Every organization is comprised of people Acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to high levels of performance, and ensuring that they continue to maintain their commitment to the organization are essential to achieving organizational objectives. That is true regardless of the type of organization Government, business, education, health, recreation, or social action. Getting and keeping good people is critical to the success of every organization. HRM Bangladesh.

Who is the Father of HRM:  One such pioneer was “Robert Owen (1771- 1858), a Scottish Textile Manufacture.

Whey is called the father of HRM: He wrote a book in 1813 entitled “A new view of Society” by Leon C. Megginson, in his book entitled “Personnel”: A Behavioral Approach to Administration’ has called Robert Owen the father of Human Resources management. He was in England.

HRM Bangladesh

The function of HRM: Human Resource function refers to those tasks and duties performed in both large and small organizations to provide for and co-ordination human resources. The human Resource function is concerned with a variety of activities that significantly influence all areas of an organization and include the followings:

  1. Employment
  2. Human Resource Development (HRD)
  3. Industrial Relations
  4. Employee Services
  5. Occupational Health and Safety
  6. Salary and Wages Administration

Employment: There are two steps involved in Employment

HRM Bangladesh

  1. i) Recruitment: Recruitment is a process by which organizations locate and attract individuals to fill job vacancies.
  2. ii) Selection: Selection is a process of management, decision-making, and evaluation.

Human Resource Development (HRD): This function was previously known as Training & Development functions and in a large organization this section is generally headed by HRD. After selecting and recruiting individuals in the correct position in the organization the next function is to train and develop them so that they can become efficient employees and work toward the achievement of the organization’s goal.

Industrial Relations: Organizations having strong trade unions have got Industrial Relations Section under the HR department and one IR Manager or Employee Relations Manager generally heads this section. This section also maintains close contact with the Director of Labour, Factory Inspector, etc. HRM Bangladesh.

Employee Services: In large organizations, this section is generally headed by the Manager (Welfare)

This section of the HR department is responsible for the observance of statutory requirements like Canteen, Shelter room, etc.

HRM Bangladesh

HRM Bangladesh

Occupational Health and Safety: This section has got two wings – Health wings and Safety wings. The Health wing is headed by a medical officer (full-time or part-time) and the Safety wing is headed by the Safety Engineer.

Salary and Wages Administration: This section of the HR department is generally headed by Manager Wages. Job description and Job evaluation are also the responsibility of this section & it maintains all kinds of records concerning the wages of the employees.

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